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《时代周刊》评出 2019 年十佳电影,每一部都想看!

中国日报网 2019-12-08

今年的好电影让人目不暇接,近日,《时代周刊》(Time)评出了 2019 年十佳影片,西班牙导演阿莫多瓦的《痛苦与荣耀》排名第一。



1 痛苦与荣耀 Pain & Glory

In any life, there ’ s only so much time to do all we want and need to do. In Pedro Alm ó dovar ’ s Pain & Glory, Antonio Banderas gives the performance of a lifetime as 60-ish filmmaker Salvador Mallo — a stand-in, more or less, for Alm ó dovar himself — who ’ s in so much physical pain that he ’ s uncertain whether he ’ ll ever work again.

无论是谁,人生只有那么多时间让我们去做所有想做和需要做的事。在导演佩德罗 · 阿莫多瓦的《痛苦与荣耀》中,安东尼奥 · 班德拉斯饰演一位 60 多岁的电影导演萨尔瓦多 · 马洛——这个角色或多或少地有着阿莫多瓦的影子——他病痛缠身,不知道自己能否继续工作。

Worse yet, his suffering is so intense that he may not care; instead of life after death, he ’ s settling for death before death, a premature leave-taking that ’ s a betrayal not just of his gifts, but of the time on earth any of us are given.


But an anniversary screening of one of his older films sets off a chain of events that shifts everything: A lost love reappears as if conjured from a dream, and other bits of his past — particularly recollections of his mother, played as a young woman by a radiant Penelope Cruz — reassemble into a joyous, haunting interior monologue that demands to be explored visually, through his art.

然而,他的旧电影的周年纪念放映引发一系列事件,改变了一切:一段逝去的爱如变魔术一样重新出现,还有其他往日生活的点滴——尤其是对母亲的回忆,年轻时的母亲由光彩照人的佩内洛普 · 克鲁兹扮演——再次唤起喜悦的、难以忘怀的内心独白,这一切需要通过他的作品探索看到。

Pain & Glory may be Alm ó dovar ’ s most resplendent and moving film, a panorama of vibrant paint-box colors and even more intense emotions — and a hymn to the mysterious whatever-it-is that keeps any of us going, in the years, months or days before our bodies betray us.


resplendent [ r 'splend nt ] adj. 辉煌的;华丽的

2 爱尔兰人 The Irishman

The world doesn ’ t need another gangster movie, not even one from Martin Scorsese — or so you may have thought before The Irishman.

在看《爱尔兰人》之前,你觉得这世上再不需要别的黑帮电影了,甚至马丁 · 斯科塞斯导演的都不需要了。

Scorsese's 3 -hour saga is based on the story of real-life low-level mobster Frank Sheeran ( played, superbly, by Robert De Niro ) , who claims to have killed Jimmy Hoffa ( a marvelous Al Pacino ) , the onetime Teamsters president who disappeared in 1975.

斯科塞斯这部长达三个半小时的史诗电影讲述了现实中的小匪徒弗兰克 · 希兰的故事(由罗伯特 · 德尼罗精彩演绎),他自称杀死了吉米 · 霍法(由阿尔 · 帕西诺出色扮演),霍法在 1975 年失踪,曾是美国分布最广的工会 Teamsters 的主席。

For roughly its first two-thirds, The Irishman is hugely entertaining. Then it shifts into something far more complex. It ’ s a melancholy mob epic.


melancholy [ mel nk li ] n.〈文学〉忧愁

3 好莱坞往事 Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino concocts a fantasy in which Sharon Tate — the actor murdered by Manson family members in 1969 — gets the much happier ending she deserves.

在昆汀 · 塔伦蒂诺虚构的电影故事里,莎朗 · 泰特——这位在 1969 年被曼森家族杀害的著名女星——得到了更好归宿。

Margot Robbie plays Tate in a small but potent role; she ’ s the patron spirit of a late-1960s Hollywood in which a has-been actor ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) and his stunt double and buddy ( Brad Pitt ) struggle to find their place.

玛格特 · 罗比扮演了泰特这个戏份不多但关键的角色。泰特是 20 世纪 60 年代末好莱坞的守护神,而过气演员(莱昂纳多 · 迪卡普里奥饰演)以及他的特技替身兼好兄弟(布拉德 · 皮特饰演)努力想要在好莱坞翻红。

This is Tarantino's most affectionately detailed picture, filled with tenderness for a lost Hollywood, and a lost era of filmmaking.


4 婚姻故事 Marriage Story

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, both astonishing, star as a married couple in the midst of breaking up: To their horror, and ours, their at-first amicable split grows into a monster they had no idea they were capable of creating.

亚当 · 德赖弗、斯嘉丽 · 约翰逊,两位令人惊艳的演员,扮演一对感情破裂的夫妻:让他们,也让大家害怕的是,这对夫妻之间最初的和平分手逐渐变成一只恶魔,始料未及。

This is Noah Baumbach ’ s most emotionally ragged movie, an acknowledgment that compromises aren ’ t nuisances that detract from life; they ’ re the stuff it ’ s built on.

这是诺亚 · 鲍姆巴赫情感上让人最为疲惫的电影,它告诉人们一个道理:妥协让步并非伤害人生的羁绊,而是构建生活的砖石。

nuisance [ 'nju s ( ) ns ] n. 讨厌 / 有害的东西 / 行为

5 小妇人 Little Women

Greta Gerwig's verdantly alive adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's evergreen 150-year-old novel — starring Saoirse Ronan as the ambitious and vibrant Jo March — captures the book ’ s spirit and heart.

这部由格蕾塔 · 葛韦格根据路易莎 · 梅 · 奥尔科特 150 年前的同名小说改编,焕发着青春活力的电影——由西尔莎 · 罗南饰演充满抱负、生气勃勃的乔 · 马奇——抓住了原著的精神核心。

It also cuts to the reason Alcott ’ s ideas still resonate: she knew how it felt to yearn for something more, even when you ’ re not sure what that something more is.


6 寄生虫 Parasite

Korean director Bong Joon Ho's black comedy – thriller, about an impoverished family who scheme their way into an upper-crust household, artfully explores resentment between the haves and the have-nots.


Even more striking is its deep humanity: both the scammers and the scammed earn our sympathy.


Parasite is today ’ s answer to filmmaker Jean Renoir's famous line, "The awful thing about life is this: everyone has their reasons."

《寄生虫》可算当下对于电影大师让 · 雷诺阿那句名言的回应:" 人生最可怕的事在于:每个人都有他的理由。"

7 利刃出鞘 Knives Out

Writer-director Rian Johnson's ensemble whodunit — about a family fighting over the will of an eccentric mystery writer — is so beautifully made that it skims by in a flash.

莱恩 · 约翰逊编剧和导演的这部推理故事讲述了一个古怪神秘的小说家的遗产引发家族争斗的故事,故事完美紧凑,一气呵成。


Ana de Armas gives a wonderful performance as the young woman, a nurse who also happens to be an immigrant, at the heart of the intrigue.

安娜 · 德 · 阿玛斯贡献了出色表演,她饰演的年轻女护士同时也是一个移民,是这团迷案的中心人物。

This gorgeously layered film is great fun to watch, but it ’ s also perfectly placed in our era. We're killing one another, but with something that's the opposite of kindness.


kill ( one ) with kindness:指用过分的善意来伤害对方

8 我叫多麦特 Dolemite Is My Name

Eddie Murphy stars as Rudy Ray Moore, the real-life performer who financed and starred in an ultra-low-budget 1975 movie — featuring a flashy hustler named Dolemite — that became both a hit and the stuff of legend.

这部电影中,艾迪 · 墨菲饰演了真实演员鲁迪 · 雷 · 穆尔,后者在 1975 年赞助并出演了一部超低成本的电影,饰演一个浮夸的皮条客 " 多麦特 "。影片一夜爆红,成为坊间传奇。

Directed by Craig Brewer, this movie is about ambition taking flight against all odds. It's also pure joy, and as Dolemite himself would tell you, you never kick that out of bed.

克雷格 · 布鲁尔担任导演,电影讲述了人们如何冲破重重阻碍,实现野心。整部影片观感也非常愉快,正如多麦特所说,让你完全不能拒绝。

9 邻里美好的一天 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Marielle Heller ’ s beautifully made film isn ’ t a biopic of celebrated children ’ s TV host Fred Rogers. Instead, it shows his ideas in practice, telling the story of an unlikely friendship between Mr. Rogers ( Tom Hanks ) and a sour journalist ( Matthew Rhys ) riven with anger issues.

玛丽埃尔 · 海勒这部匠心之作,并非著名儿童节目主持人弗雷德 · 罗杰斯的传记电影。相反,这部电影将他的思想付诸了实践,讲述了罗杰斯先生(汤姆 · 汉克斯饰)与尖酸记者(马修 · 瑞斯饰)之间看似不可能的友谊的故事,其中充斥着种种愤怒纠葛。

Rogers was all about kindness, but Heller ’ s movie highlights another of his tenets: we have to give ourselves permission to feel everything in order to make peace with the things that threaten to tear us apart.


10 舞女大盗 Hustlers

Two exotic dancers ( Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez ) , both single mothers needing to provide for their families after the 2008 crash, hatch a highly illegal scheme to charm clueless Wall Streeters out of their money.

两位艳舞舞女(吴恬敏和詹妮弗 · 洛佩兹饰)都是 2008 年金融危机后需要养家糊口的单亲妈妈。她们谋划了一出非法计划,勾引无脑华尔街人士,掏空其钱财。

Director Lorene Scafaria ’ s Hustlers is lively and funny, as well as a reminder that it ’ s often women — and their children — who suffer most when an economic system driven largely by men collapses. When the going gets tough, the tough … hustle.

导演劳伦 · 斯卡法莉娅的这部《舞女大盗》鲜活有趣,同时也提醒着我们,当男性主导的经济体系崩塌时,最遭罪的却常是女性和她们的孩子们。当前行变得艰难,坚强者……坑蒙拐骗。

when the going gets tough, the tough get going:俗语,指遭遇困境时,坚强者会迎难而上



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