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而在今天,每年进入中国的常住外国人高达四十余万,在极大地促进了中国与世界的文化交流之后,这些充当 " 桥梁 " 的外国人,又是如何看待自己短暂生存和工作的中国呢?

1、Beast Hunter

I studied abroad in Shanghai, China for about 4 months and my experience was incredible.

我曾经在中国上海留学了大约 4 个月的时间,那段经历实在是令人难以置信。

I did not speak any Mandarin when I decided to go but i knew the best way to learn the language was by actually being exposed to it and practicing it everyday.


It was a little difficult at the beggining but the more I practiced the more confident I became when talking to taxi drivers and locals.Yes, I was surprised by the friendliness of the Chinese people!


The nighlife in China is also great; there are plenty of bars and clubs to go to any day of the week. It is a plus if you know a chinese promoter as they will get you in for free and you will have drinks fo free all night.

中国的夜生活也很棒 ; 每一周,每一天都有很多酒吧和俱乐部可供选择。如果你认识一位中国的推销人员,那就更好了,因为他们会让你免费进去,而且你整晚都可以免费喝酒。

In addition, I felt very safe while walking around in China at any time of the day. Never did me or my friends felt threathened in any way. Although, becareful when you go out to clubs or major tourist points, as pickpocketing is very popular. I, however, never encountered a situation where it happened to me.


On the not too bright side, you will find chinese people sometimes cutting lines in front of you if you dont move too fast, or happen to be distracted.


Coming from the U.S. where waiting for your turn is usually not a problem, it can definitely be bothersome. In addition, Chinese people can be very curious and ask questions that you are not usually accostumed to. For example they will ask you how much you make and other impertinent questions.


2、Gypsy diviners

China is definitely an interesting place that has great things to offer; food, beautiful places to visit and the opportunity to engage and learn from a total different culture and traditions. I am very glad I visited China and would definitely recommended it for anyone to experience it.

中国绝对是一个有趣的地方,有很多好东西可以体验 ; 美食、美丽的旅游胜地,以及接触和学习完全不同的文化和传统的机会。我很高兴我访问了中国,我一定会推荐所有人去这里体验一下。

3、Mathias Conradt

It's a quite broad question, I live in China for almost 6 years now, before I lived in Hong Kong for half year; originally from Germany. No plans to return to Germany or Europe.

这是一个很宽泛的问题,我在中国生活了近 6 年,然后在香港生活了半年 ; 我来自德国。现在还没有返回德国或欧洲的计划。

Chinese people are very welcoming, and as a foreigner, especially as a Westerner, you are treated well and sometimes get some bonuses ( i.e. as a business client or in personal life ) , in some other areas it might be the opposite ( i.e. as a supplier in business ) .

中国人非常好客,作为一个外国人,特别是作为一个西方人,你会受到很好的对待,有时还会得到一些奖金 ( 比如作为商业客户或在个人生活中得到的奖金 ) ,而在其他一些领域,情况可能正好相反 ( 比如作为商业方面的供应商 ) 。

In my opinion, most important is to learn the language in order to really get involved into society, unless you like to spend your time in the expat community only. Many young Chinese ( students ) speak English, however this is not the case in general in China.

在我看来,最重要的是学习语言,以便真正融入这个社会,除非你想要把时间花在外国人社区里。许多年轻的中国 ( 学生 ) 会说英语,但在中国这并非普遍现象。

living in China can be very different, as the contrasts between rich and poor, developed and under-developed areas are quite large, compared to other countries;

生活在中国可能会跟你的祖国有很大的不同,因为与其他国家相比,这里富的地方和穷的地方、发达地区和欠发达地区之间的差距相当大 ;

so it really depends on your life style and preferences. Most immigrants/expats/foreigners choose the first tier cities ( Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou ) as the place to live.

所以这真的取决于你的生活方式和喜好。大多数移民 / 外籍人士 / 外国人选择一线城市 ( 北京、上海、广州 ) 作为居住地。

4、Julian Mintzis

Considering that most of the popular answers are actually based on experiences of Caucasians, I feel obligated to clarify that this may not be the case for non-white foreigners living in China.


While it is true that China is a highly homogeneous society, and people of races other than Asian can often attract attentions of local inhabitants particularly in the western part, how local citizens treat a foreigner depends more or less on one's racial identity.


But when it comes to Africans and brown people, we have to ask ourselves ( Chinese ) very seriously how prent invisible and even visible discriminations towards minorities exist in society.


5、LOVE That Pup

I am an education and business professional that has lived in China for more than the past six years. The company that I run handles corporate, operational, and strategic solutions for entrepreneurs and companies relating to doing business in China, The US, and Europe.


For China, my feelings are complex, there is a long history, but I must admit that he and my motherland are very different.


You can either study or live in China as China is enthusiastic for immigrates. And when you come to China, there are many places you can go travelling.


China has many beautiful picturesque views such as the Great Wall and Summer Palace in Beijing, Mountain Tai in ShanDong Province, JiuZhaiGou in SiChuan Province, and countless landscape.


It is convenient to buy goods in China super market, shopping mall and also online-shopping. Besides, Chinese foods is much delicious that you may even not want to go back home.


Huh~huh. In addition, night life in China is more and more colourful. And there are many live music shows, concerts, theatre plays and sports events. Almost many things you imagine is available in China.

嗯 ~ 嗯。此外,中国的夜生活正变得越来越丰富多彩。这里有许多现场音乐表演,音乐会,戏剧表演和体育赛事。你能想象到的东西在中国几乎都有。

6、Clive Rowland

It's a near impossible question to answer if you are looking for a clear mental image of what your life would be like should you come to China.


China is big, insanely big and your experiences at one end of the country will be totally different to another. Some places have wealth to put most western cities to shame, other places, people are living in conditions you wouldn't believe were even possible.


If you have a sense of adventure and can exist without your creature comforts, then go for it.


7、Collin Spears

I think there is a difference between an immigrant and an expat or a foreign student...immigrants intend to stay. The latter come for a short period of time.


There are very few actual immigrants in China because permanent residence is quite hard to obtain and citizenship nearly impossible for a non-Chinese. China is not a nation of immigrants, it is a developing nation based on Jus sanguinis


I lived in Mainland China for a total of 2.5 years, on two different occasions, in Shanghai and Chengdu.


Challenging, frustrating, and very rewarding. Take the time to learn the language. Even if you are only mediocre at Chinese, people respect that you are trying and the world becomes a lot more open,


Because as a western foreigner has always been treated better than local people.


8、Mathias again

I do think much like in Hong Kong the emphasis and importance is to get involved as much as possible. Meet people. Make friends with people.


In China the average expat only lasts a couple of years at most, and if one lasts longer then they are here to stay for the long haul. With this said, you cannot really talk about immigrant status in China because no non-national is an immigrant, but rather just an expat.


Everyone needs to hold a valid visa for the purpose of their visit. There are just a handful of people that have been granted with green card status in China, So it's not as easy to apply for a green card here as it is in the United States.



To be a white Westerner in China is like an elf in the King of the Rings. If you stay in China and open your heart, you will find that every Chinese wants to be your friend. You will often be stopped in the street by a strange girl or boy. Their wish is only to be friends with the elves. Friend.


10、Sausage enthusiasts

I am ashamed of your remarks! The reason why Chinese people are willing to be friends with you is largely because of their tradition of "hospitality", which you see as the reason why they please you. As a German who has lived in China for 10 years, I hate losers like you!

我为你的话感到耻辱!中国人之所以愿意和你做朋友,主要是因为他们的 " 好客 " 传统,你认为这就是他们取悦你的原因。作为一个在中国生活了 10 年的德国人,我讨厌像你这样的失败者!

11、Connors'lunch(回复 Sausage enthusiasts)

Yes, I agree with you. For a long time in the past, ordinary Chinese people had no access to foreigners, which made them curious about us. Perhaps improperly described, but it's really like watching animals in zoos.


Of course, because of the economic development, foreigners have been regarded as the symbol of "rich people" for a long time. It's undeniable that some Chinese people have bad intentions to get close to you, but it's not uncommon in other countries. But in today's China, please cherish this friendship, do not wear colored glasses!

当然,因为经济发展的缘故,外国人在过去很长一段时间里都被视为 " 有钱人 " 的象征,不可否认,一部分中国人靠近你确实有着不好的意图,但是这在其他国家也并不罕见,但是在现在的中国,请珍惜这份友谊,不要戴上有色眼镜!

毫不讳言,对于外国网友 "Connors'lunch" 的评价,老铁是表示赞同的。


但是,这并不意味着我们的 " 好客 " 是为了 " 取悦 "!

最后,老铁借用网友 "Gypsy diviners" 的一句话结尾:

中国绝对是一个有趣的地方,有很多好东西可以体验 ; 美食、美丽的旅游胜地,以及接触和学习完全不同的文化和传统的机会。所有人都值得来此体验。

有台媒报道,台湾将重启 " 擎天计划室 ",量产 "20 枚 " 云峰导弹用于对大陆形成威胁,美媒甚至称该导弹可深入中国内陆。这一唱一和的,连傻子都被忽悠瘸了。那么,这个让湾湾集体高潮的云峰导弹到底是啥玩意儿?别走开,铁血军事,明日开讲!






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